Phase #02: Distinguishing the actors

Learning from Scenarios

Output from the Work Package "Simulating Supervision Scenarios. Training Concept".

Lead Partner: Aarhus School of Architecture

The Advancing Supervision of Artistic Doctorate project has shown that doctoral supervision touches on a wide range of human interactions and relationships. It goes far beyond feedback and guidance on doctoral research’s academic and artistic aspects. It navigates scholarly frameworks and institutional rules and manages complex power relations and human emotions.

Building on this insight, the supervision training scenarios are based on an inclusive and holistic understanding of supervision’s complex and entangled nature. The training focuses on broad and general issues rather than challenges specific to artistic research. The scenario-based training seeks to develop a productive framework that will allow artistic research to make material and intellectual contributions to its field. It should support the future trajectory of the fellow while supporting the well-being and work-life balance of both doctoral candidates and supervisors.

The scenario-based training model supports problem or case-based education. It lets the participants engage with ill-structured and complex situations that characterise doctoral supervision’s academic, administrative and social entanglements. They work through storylines that allow participants to empathise with unfamiliar roles and behaviours and engage in non-linear trajectories with numerous feedback opportunities. It applies critical thinking and problem-solving skills in a safe, real-world context that allows participants to explore different ways of engaging with challenges without consequences.

Supervision Scenarios is an online interactive resource that enables users to explore the framework of doctoral supervision. It includes five scenarios that address different aspects of supervision. A video introduces each scenario by presenting a supervisor and a doctoral candidate engaged in a discussion related to a challenge in the candidate’s research. The online resource does not provide ideal answers, and the videos are not guidelines or ‚right‘ or ‚wrong‘ solutions that resolve the challenges presented in the scenario. Instead, they are open-ended invitations to explore, reflect, and discuss additional responses and positions that could help unfold supervision.

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