Feed-back, feed-forward: Formats of artistic feedback in doctoral supervision

Multiplier Seminar for Doctoral Supervisors in Artistic Research
25-27 November 2020, Orpheus Instituut (Ghent, BE)
Organised by Orpheus Institute

This multiplier seminar shares the intellectual outputs of The Art of Feedback, a project located within the framework of the Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership Project Advancing Supervision for Artistic Research Doctorates.

Supervisory feedback on the artistic work itself is a crucial element in the supervision of artistic research doctorates. But it is also a delicate, complex and under-discussed topic. Significant questions arise: What are examples of artistic feedback formats? What is the role of art critique in artistic doctoral education? How can supervisors engage with the practice of their doctoral candidates? What tools are available to help implement effective feedback cultures in doctoral programs?

During this three-day event doctoral supervisors from all artistic research areas are invited to explore artistic feedback formats and experience through lectures and workshops, led by experts in the field. The process of giving feedback on artistic work will be investigated in the light of the triangulation between supervisors, doctoral candidates and institutions in different artistic research areas. Furthermore, a panel discussion, lunch table talks and discussion groups will enable exchange and the development of new insights. Participants will be encouraged to contribute to the discussions and share their experience.

The seminar will take place at the Orpheus Institute in Ghent from 13:00 on Wednesday November 25 to 16:00 on Friday November 27. Registration is free. The number of participants will be restricted to 30 (project partners not included). The call for participants will be sent out at the end of August. From the submissions we will select a diverse group of participants, taking into consideration: gender, artistic research areas, experience levels & affiliation with the topic. Chair of the selection committee: Jonathan Impett (Director of Research, Orpheus Institute).

Advancing Supervision for
Artistic Research Doctorates (and beyond)

Multiplier Conference
17-18 June 2021 - Vienna, Austria
Organised by Academy of Fine Arts Vienna

Presentation of all project findings and outputs, highlighting the key issues in supervision for artistic research doctorates. By presenting the project results the debate with representatives from other fields and disciplines will be encouraged.