Phase #03: Improving Practises

Multiplier Conference Vienna

Advancing Supervision for Artistic Research Doctorates (and beyond)

21-22 October 2021 - Vienna, Austria

The Advancing Supervision for Artistic Research Doctorates Project, and the final Multiplier Conference was about how to teach, how to coach, how to supervise and how to empower the next generation of Artistic Researchers.
We saw a number of tools and meaningful formats that emphasize and encourage the mutual engagement between the PhD-researchers, the supervisors, and the institutions and Art Universities themselves.
The project itself opened up for a non-normative perspective toward the supervision in doctoral programmes for Artistic Research and emphasizes a triangular, mutual relationship and learning among these actors. And thus it brings to the forefront the practice itself, the doing and un-doing of supervision.
During this two-day Multiplier conference that was hosted by the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna we have highlighted key-issues and discussed the outcomes of the project that has been developed in the strategic partnership among the nine institutional partners.
A broad audience joined the debate, engaged with each other during the conference and beyond.

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